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Utilizing an unreleased head sculpt which has never before been seen, Counterpunch becomes a special addition to any Combiner Wars collection! Arm him with his bladed Photon Cannon and Twin Mortar Launcher and send him on his newest spy missions to infiltrate your toy shelves!

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The double spy known as both Punch and Counterpunch had been deep undercover for so long, even he had begun to question his true allegiance. After millions of years, the false history of his undercover persona had been burned into his datatracks, becoming indistinguishable from his true memories. Eventually, Punch and Counterpunch had each come to believe that the other was a disguise.

After a ruthless squad of Decepticons discovered his dual identities during a raid on an Autobot base, he was savagely beaten, labeled a traitor, and left to rust. However, thanks to a talented medic from the planet Paradron, he was saved. But only by removing the damaged components of his Punch form—including the barriers between Punch and Counterpunch's mental processes. Reborn as a single entity, Counterpunch seeks to uncover the truth of an identity hidden within two conflicting sets of memories. His brutality has been tempered by a constant struggle between the Decepticon he thinks he is, and the Autobot he thinks he may be.

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