Snake Mountain

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Evil Stronghold of Skeletor

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Deep within the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia stands Snake Mountain, sinister lair of Skeletor. Illuminated by the glow of Blood Falls, one of the mountain's peaks is wrapped in the stone coils of Serpos, while the demon face of Ka is hewn into the other. Filled with traps and unspeakable dangers, Snake Mountain once served as a temple for King Hsss and the Snake Men, though the fortress remained uninhabited for eons after Hsss' banishment. Few had the temerity to come near it and none since Hsss would dare to call it home until Skeletor. With Evil-Lyn at his side, he claimed the foul fortress, making a throne of bones for himself and using the stolen Golden Disks of Knowledge to unlock the mountain's secrets. From within Snake Mountain, Skeletor and his Evil Warriors plotted the conquest of Eternia. When Skeletor left for the Tri-Solar System, his minion Jitsu held the fortress, awaiting his return, only to be usurped by Evil-Lyn and her son Malkyn, "the Skeleteen." Skeletor later reclaimed the stronghold, however, treating his son as a lackey and precipitating Malkyn's eventual rejection of his father's evil ways. Now, with Havoc Staff in hand, grim Skeletor stands once more as the sole Lord of Snake Mountain.

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