"Tusker" Mammoth

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Bio from "The Glacialord" Story Sticker Book
Forming the central section of Glacialord, Tusker makes up the muscle for the team. He has always taken on the role of protector, even when he was a young 'Bot he would put himself in harms way to protect those smaller or weaker than him.

Despite his bravery and his obvious strength, Tusker is often teased for his slow speech patterns, and other bots often make the mistake of thinking Tusker is unintelligent. Because of this, Tusker is quite shy and reserved, and chooses to remain quiet most of the time.

You can pick on him, tease him and even threaten him, and he will always walk away (albeit slowly) - but if he sees someone else in trouble or being picked on, he becomes a different beast altogether. It's this fiery side which comes out when the team is combined and gives Glacialord such ferocity.

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