Ram Man

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Ram Man
United States
Feb 10, 2013
30.00 USD
United States
Feb 15, 2013
30.00 USD
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Heroic Warrior


Heroic Human Battering Ram!

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Real Name: Krass

Growing up just outside the Vine Jungle, Krass' village was always under threat from the savage Beastmen. During a particularly brutal attack, he donned his family's ancient mystical armor that magically absorbs raw force. Using it to ram into his enemies and drive off their attack earned Krass the nickname "Ram Man". These actions were quickly detected by Skeletor who recruited him in a scheme to ram through the Jaw Bridge of Castle Grayskull. Realizing the error of his ways after seeing Skeletor attack He-Man, Ram Man switched sides, helping to defeat the Evil Lord of Destruction and save the Castle. He soon became a core member of the Masters of the Universe using his iron-like body as a battering ram against evil!

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