10,000 Photos!
Posted by Spiff-O-Matic

I can't believe I made it this long. Ten Thousand Photos? Holy mackerel. And what figure would be more fitting for this honor than the almighty Megatron?
Photo of the Year (12/24/2016)
Posted by KidTDragon
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this 8-bit Link amiibo. (Thanks again, Spliffdizzle!)
Photo of the Day/Year 10/09/2015
Posted by shmax
Well, it took them more than 30 years, but R.O.B. finally got involved in another game! Thanks much, Spliffdizzle.
Cubrar (with red head)
Posted by Spiff-O-Matic

Check out this awesome pic of FansProject Cubrar.
Photo of the Whenever - October 21, 2014
Posted by engledogg
Courtesy of spliffdizzle, here's Swoo-...I mean Strafe

As part of the rather-awesome SDCC exclusive Dinobots box set, Strafe is actually meant to be the G1 Dinobot character, Swoop.  Don't worry, the rest of your walnut-sized-brain havin' Dinobot buddies are here, as well - Grimlock, Snarl, and Slag (Dinobot Slug) are also included in the set.  But, where is everyone's favorite Apatosaurus, Sludge

Here he is and he's taken the name of Slog.  Only available at, this guy is scheduled to be released on December 15th...what better way to celebrate the holidays than finally completing your neo-G1 Dinobot set, right?
Photo of the Day: August 15th, 2014
Posted by engledogg
Courtesy of spliffdizzle, here's yet another awesome but typically-named third party figure, Heavy Noisy.  I have to ask...I mean, I know why it's done, but what's the logic used when naming these things? 

"Death Tread"? 
Ooh, I know.  How about "Fist-i-cuffs"?
Don't think so. 
Well, I'm out of about..."Heavy Noisy?" 

I guess it does make some sense, though, as I would imagine tanks to be both rather heavy and noisy.

Photo of the Day: June 13th, 2014
Posted by shmax
Why not? Come on, it's been over 2 days since a new Optimus Prime figure came out, and magic happens every time he gets in front of Spliffdizzle's camera.
Photo of the Day: April 14th, 2014
Posted by shmax
A lot of people think that with my head buried in code all the time that I lose touch with the toys, but I can assure you that I recognized this favorite character of mine right away. I couldn't find shots of Uber-Larry and Burly-Curly among Shrike's contributions, but I know it's only a matter of time before he gets to them.
Photo 5K!
Posted by Spiff-O-Matic

Here we have [url=http://""]Diesel[/url], FansProject's final piece of their not-Menasor team. He is teamed up with [url=http://""]Car Crash[/url], [url=http://""]T-Bone[/url], [url=http://""]Down Force[/url] and [url=http://""]Last Chance[/url]. More pics will be incoming soon of this awesome figure!

And yes, I finally hit the big FIVE-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO. That's a lot of pics! I've learned a lot over the years here at Shmax, from multiple people current and past (looking at you HighPrime!). I hope to keep submitting photos until 10k and beyond. Thank you everyone for all of the kind words you've had for me thus far, and I hope to keep getting better and better at what I do here.
Photo of the Whenever - January 22, 2014
Posted by engledogg

Courtesy of Spliffdizzle, take a peek at Prime Dark Energon Optimus Prime.  In addition to being all decked out in translucent red and orange, we get to see Prime without his ever-present mouthplate - just look at that handsome face.

A BBTS exclusive in the U.S.,  the Dark Energon line provided us with some rather unique recolors - check out Wheeljack and Bumblebee.  If you're on the fence about these guys, BBTS currently has all six on clearance right now.