Cyberverse Scout Class Bumblebee (8/4/2018)
Posted by KidTDragon
I always get a chuckle when toys are transformed wrong in stock photos. Take Scout Class Bumblebee from Cyberverse here. What a mess! Can you believe someone okayed this pic for release? I mean, look at him! How did no one notice... What? He's NOT transformed wrong? That's his vehicle mode?! Really?!? Oh, Hasbro....
Photo of the Every Three Months or So (6/21/2018)
Posted by KidTDragon
Don't let the name fool you: Brawny may look like everyone's favorite Autobot demolitions expert, but he's a loving homage by third-party company BadCube. Just don't try to use him to wipe up spills. (Mad props to Spiff-O-Matic for another awesome pic!)
Photo of the Day (3/11/2018)
Posted by KidTDragon
Remember when you were a kid in the '80s and you hoped that they'd make a M.U.S.C.L.E.-sized He-Man so you could have him fight that giant hand guy? No? Just me? Well, thanks to Super7, at least one child's dream has been realized. (Props to Spiff-O-Matic for the sweet pic!)
ANNOUNCEMENT - edits to the site disabled
Posted by engledogg
Hey everyone,

Edits to the site have been disabled while we work to fix a bug.  Rest assured that the collection data is safe and sound and we'll be back up to speed as soon as possible.

10,000 Photos!
Posted by Spiff-O-Matic

I can't believe I made it this long. Ten Thousand Photos? Holy mackerel. And what figure would be more fitting for this honor than the almighty Megatron?
Photo of the Year (12/24/2016)
Posted by KidTDragon
It's dangerous to go alone. Take this 8-bit Link amiibo. (Thanks again, Spliffdizzle!)
Photo of the Day/Year 10/09/2015
Posted by shmax
Well, it took them more than 30 years, but R.O.B. finally got involved in another game! Thanks much, Spliffdizzle.
Cubrar (with red head)
Posted by Spiff-O-Matic

Check out this awesome pic of FansProject Cubrar.
Photo of the Whenever - October 21, 2014
Posted by engledogg
Courtesy of spliffdizzle, here's Swoo-...I mean Strafe

As part of the rather-awesome SDCC exclusive Dinobots box set, Strafe is actually meant to be the G1 Dinobot character, Swoop.  Don't worry, the rest of your walnut-sized-brain havin' Dinobot buddies are here, as well - Grimlock, Snarl, and Slag (Dinobot Slug) are also included in the set.  But, where is everyone's favorite Apatosaurus, Sludge

Here he is and he's taken the name of Slog.  Only available at, this guy is scheduled to be released on December 15th...what better way to celebrate the holidays than finally completing your neo-G1 Dinobot set, right?
Photo of the Day: August 15th, 2014
Posted by engledogg
Courtesy of spliffdizzle, here's yet another awesome but typically-named third party figure, Heavy Noisy.  I have to ask...I mean, I know why it's done, but what's the logic used when naming these things? 

"Death Tread"? 
Ooh, I know.  How about "Fist-i-cuffs"?
Don't think so. 
Well, I'm out of about..."Heavy Noisy?" 

I guess it does make some sense, though, as I would imagine tanks to be both rather heavy and noisy.