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Started by DestronPeter, July 15, 2020, 03:27:11 AM

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RotF had more licensed merch than I care to think about.  Could a generic "Other" category be added to catch all the weird stuff?  For example, I have a fishing pole set, labeled on the package as a "Casting Combo," but there's no extant category for fishing paraphernalia.  I assigned it to Mechtech/deluxe so I would have it in my submission queue, but I know you guys can help a Destron out.  


There is an existing "Other" subcategory under Revenge of the Fallen, which can be found here:

Now, as far as what we currently include in the database when it comes to this "oddball" kinda stuff, we include items that are toys or at least "toyish" in nature - no comic books, t-shirts, food items, videos, etc..

I'm not entirely sure where a fishing pole would fit in...anyone have any thoughts?

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Derp.  I said "RotF," and meant "DotM."  
I was looking at the Roth Other category, and wishing DotM had something similar when I wrote up the post.  My mistake.  
To restate: I have a licensed DoTM "Casting Combo," which includes a rod, reel, and some other nonsense covered in Autobot insignia.  I'd love if DotM had an Other category (akin to the one RotF has) where odd stuff like that could find a home.  
Also, We have cake sets listed for a couple of movies.  Would it be appropriate for a licensed cake pan to go in the same category, based on whichever movie it's from?  Thanks for all your help, Mike. 
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The cake sets we have on the site are the ones that have little cake topper figurine "toys".

I think a cake pan might not fall into the range of what we currently include on the site.

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.

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