Q-Transformers Ironhide (9/3/2019)

Started by KidTDragon, September 03, 2019, 07:39:07 AM

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Look at this adorable little Ironhide! He's so precious! Who's a little cutie-bot? Is it you? Is it you? Yes it is! Coochie-coochie-coo! Aww, isn't that cute? He grabbed my finger! Whatcha gonna do with that finger, little guy? Huh? Whatcha gonna OWW! OW-OW-OW-OWWWW! SOMEONE TELL HIM FINGERS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BEND THAT WAY! OWWWWWW!!! (Picture courtesy of Spiff-O-Matic, who's just the cutest little photo submitter, isn't he? Isn't he the cutest OWWW!)


QT was an interesting line. I didn't go all in on it but it was well thought out as a concept. Hopefully one day, 
kaiyodo or another group does a fandub of the TV series.


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I only have ten of them.  I kept on waiting for them to go on clearance, but they a) never did or b) they did and I forgot about 'em and they're now sold out.

I did get the Seekers and Black Convoy as part of an eBay lot for $1.88 each two years ago, so I guess that was a pretty good deal.

I also ended up with a Hello Kitty, somehow.

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.

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