Calendar button doesn't do anything

Started by Tripredacus, August 08, 2018, 12:54:37 PM

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When in the details of an item in collection, there is a green calendar button to the right of the Date Bought field:

My browser (Firefox) sees it as being an interactive element, meaning the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand. But clicking on it does nothing. Is it supposed to do something? If I click into the text field, the calendar appears there, but clicking on the image itself doesn't do anything.


Egad, is that what it looks like in Firefox? I'll have to do some style cleanup while I'm in there. Will have a fix soon. Thanks, Trip.


Awesome, this has been an issue for a while. So much so, that i just got used to it and kind of disregarded it.
Thanks for bringing this up and getting it looked at.


The calendar icon should work now - click it once and it opens up the calendar, click it again (or anywhere for that matter) and it should close.

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.


Definitely works great on both my Safari and Firefox browsers.
So much nicer than before; thanks folks!

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