Let's see them photos!

Started by shmax, July 17, 2009, 02:32:29 PM

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Taking photos of your toys is a fun and strangely addictive hobby, but it can take some time to work all the kinks out. Most people start by having trouble with the white background, but then they get better and graduate to having trouble with everything else. You name it, we're fussy about it: contrast, focus, composition, shadow, post-processing, etc. Before you post here, please be sure you've had a look at our photo guidelines page, which has a complete tutorial. Don't feel bad if you're still having trouble after that--the advice in the tutorial might not be helpful to you if you're using a difficult camera, or have special circumstances to deal with. If you submit a photo and wind up getting a private message from a moderator asking you to post your photo in the forums, this is where it should go. There are a lot of expert photographers among our members, and if there's one thing they like more than taking pictures of their toys, it's critiquing pictures that other people took of their toys, so don't be shy about asking for help. One way or another we'll get you sorted out!


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I could've done something here with a little more comedic touch but I like what I've got anyway...

Ew, you have something in yer cannon.... :(
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