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Started by Antron007, February 09, 2013, 10:17:33 PM

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February 09, 2013, 10:17:33 PM Last Edit: February 09, 2013, 10:28:14 PM by Antron007
 Hey all, Has any one been to recently? All of the Toy Fair News is amazing.
My wallet was kind of hoping it would suck this year but that just isn't gonna happen. Sorry wallet. . I only gave some quick glances but I'd like to give my thoughts.

I'll cover the 2 things I care least about first.

1. New Bot Shots. I personally don't care for or know much about Bot Shots other than I look at them all of time but am never compelled in any way to buy them. And love gimmiks. Especially internet/game ones like the little online Bot Shots game. I wish I could read Japanese so I could play the Arms Micron game. Bot Shots are just "'eh" to me. If you like them? Good news! They're still gonna be maken em.

2. Construct-bots. These looked Kreoish. I'm not sure if they are Kreo brand but, I did get that you can customize the while building them with various pieces/accessories that are interchangeable throughout the line. They come in 3 sizes classes that are all the same size. They just come with more pieces. The best feature of these guys? Once built they transform. I have a few Kreon Micro Changers and there cool but the Kreo kits just seem like a lot of hassle. I may get a few of these. Although very interesting, it is of low interest to me.

Now for a little more exciting news.   

1. Beast Hunters stuff. Tons of it. A voyager Shockwave and Dreadwing. Dreadwing looks like a new mold. Maybe a Griffon? And new Supreme figures. I didn't look at that much. I plan on looking later. I'm just so excited about some of the other news.

2. Kreon Micro Changers. I dig em. They're making more. Once again I didn't get too into much of it.

But for me personally, it's the Generations line that is knocking it out of the park. Probably my favorite line, there's alot of my money disappearing because of this line.

  1. New Legends class figures that come with "Targetmaster-like" accessories. I didn't look at this much but I'm definitely interested.

2.  IDW Spotlight themed Deluxes. Come with a "comic book with exclusive cover". So I'm guessing It will be a reprint of the already existing issue. More interesting is the Trailcutter (Trailbreaker). The mold looks familiar but not. Maybe Prime RID Kup? I haven't opened mine yet so I'm not real familiar with it yet. It might be new. In any event, it looks nice. I personally feel there hasn't been a real good homage to Trailbreaker until now. Unless it's crappy quality but man it looks nice.

  Most interesting here in the new Megatron. I haven't got to reading Spotlight Megatron yet so seeing this was a spoiler for me. But, presenting Megatrons new stealth fighter mold. I looks like a shrunk down version of Movie Voyage Mindwipe. It looks cool. If I could only use two words, I'd say, "It's BLACK!"

On a side note. I've probably read 90% of all US Transforms comics and comic related things and probably only 10% of all foreign stuff. I love what IDW has done. When I think of a character I most often think of IDW. I feel that have really taken the characters in the proper direction. If you're not reading the IDW comics (RID, MTMTE, Spotlights and various other one offs) you are missing out. If you miss your G1 friends from back in the day, they are still out there. The war is over and "Oh the drama." I highly recommend reading them if given the chance.   

3. (Can you feel the tension building?) Voyager Triple Changers! Springer! A real Springer!! And ... ... The as previously suspected Astrotra............. BLITZWING! These guys look amazing. I wish I could ramble on about them but I really am all but speechless.

4. Ladies and gentlemen, fighting in the Titan class, sporting 3 modes of Autobot magnificence, coming in at over 2 feet tall, from the war torn planet of Cybertron, the one, the only, (Wait for it, Waaait for it,)(Pause for effect, and) METROPLEX !!!!! All I can say about this is that, in my opinion, this could possibly be the most amazing Transformers toy ever officially released in the United States.

5. Rescue Bots stuff. Do you like what I did there? It's like jogging. You don't just stop. You need a cool down lap so you can ease your heart rate down.  Ya see, I do care about you.

Looks this stuff up. Its all pretty cool.


Couple of quick corrections. The figure I mistook for Dreadwing = a Griffon is a different character Skystalker. And upon further review Trailbreaker(cutter) looks like he may be a remold/redeco of one of the FOC Combaticons or maybe FOC Optimus Prime. 


Great write-up, Antron007, thanks much. So where can I see me some shots of that big Metroplex? I've been waiting my whole life for a full-scale robot buddy...


February 10, 2013, 02:19:25 PM Last Edit: February 10, 2013, 02:21:26 PM by Antron007

Great write-up, Antron007, thanks much. So where can I see me some shots of that big Metroplex? I've been waiting my whole life for a full-scale robot buddy...

Lol Me too! has the official Hasbro images from Toy Fair 2013.


Has anyone had a chance to check out any of that toy news at all? I've been looking at that Trailbreaker and the mold looks familiar but I just can't place it. Anyone know for sure what mold it is if not a new one?


New mold for Trailcutter (breaker).

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.


Awesome. Thanks E.

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