Puma's B/S/T G1, G2, MW, BW, BM, RID, AEC, and more!

Started by Puma, June 08, 2012, 04:16:55 PM

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June 08, 2012, 04:16:55 PM Last Edit: September 07, 2012, 05:47:38 PM by Puma
For the most ACCURATE version of this list, please see my post on TFW 2005. That list is updated daily and has all of my pictures attached to the items listed.

This is my first B/S/T thread on the boards. I'm looking to mostly sell this stuff but if you have anything i want, we can easily work something out! I've got stuff ranging from G1 to present! Check it out. I'll update as often as i sell stuff and get new stuff in.

Here is my current TFW2005 Feedback Thread. All positive so far and i would like to keep it that way!

Here is my eBay Feedback as well. I've been on eBay for almost 14 years (damn, thats a long time!) and have had a 100% rating all 14 years!

I'm open to offers. This stuff does me no good sitting around here in a box in my closet! I do give discounts on bulk orders. If you don't want to make me an offer on a lot of items, ask me to make up a price and we can go from there!

Prices do not include shipping. I always ship USPS and with a Delivery Confirmation code. I ship items out as i expect (and hope) they would be shipped to me! I use bubble wrap on everything!

I would like payments sent to my paypal account in the form of a gift. I would like to avoid fees. I believe if you withdraw money from your banking account and place them in your paypal account, you too can avoid fee's! just something to consider prior to purchasing from me. If anyone wants, i'm willing to accept a money order or a cashiers check from a bank. Old School for sure!

I'm generally at work and gone from my house from late Wednesday afternoon until Sunday morning most weeks. If we're working on a deal and i'm expecting payment, i can easily bring your item with me to work and ship from wherever i may be! I quote shipping from where i live but that can change if i ship from the road.

Want List
I'm well aware that everything in my want list will exceed any sort of monetary value of all the items in my For Sale list combined. But if you're considering selling an item or two on there and would like anything in For Sale list, i'd love to help you out with a purchase and trade! I'm easy going and easy to deal with!

SDCC Shockwave Hiss Tank MISB
G1 Siren complete
G1 Large Targetmasters complete: Blur and all Decepticons 
G1 C-131 Raiden (boxed)
G1 C-327 Victory Leo (boxed)
G1 C-348 Dai Atlas (boxed)
RID Scourge (boxed)
Mega SCF 03 Megatron, 06 Rodimus Convoy, 07 Starscream, 08 Convoy Super Mode, 09 Megatron, 10 Ironhide, 12 Convoy Normal Mode, 13 Starscream (boxed)
Universe Legends BrawnACQUIRED, BeachcomberACQUIRED, Jazz, and Wheelie (needs to have the backer card or MOSC)
Universe King AtlasACQUIRED, Razorclaw, Soundwave and Space Case (boxed)
Fansproject CA-03 Thundershred (boxed, w/ or w/o Reprolabel stickers)
BT-21 Arcee (boxed)
G2 Flash, Boss, Hurricane, and Scorch complete.

Parts wanted
G2 Predator jet missile launchers, instructions, and card backs.
Classics Jetfire Helmet (i really just need one of the side lasers)
G1 Nightbeat Muzzle and Right small gun
G1 Slapdash gun


TFCC Exclusive

TFCC Classics Runamuck. Brand new in sealed bag! $60 shipped in US.

Transformers Prime Bumblebee Vs Starscream Entertainment Pack with Silas and MECH Soldier MISB $45

G1 Figures, Parts, Tech specs, and instructions

C-324 Star Saber Brainmaster "Brain of Courage" $65
Got this piece in a lot buy over a year ago. Compared it to the one i have with my complete Star Saber. Identical. I have pics of this next to a KO Brainamster if you would like to see.

Fangry (complete with box and instruction! Great looking set) $110

Needlenose (with both Targetmasters, unbroken legs, no yellowing, stickers for waist are on arms. I can move them to correct spot per buyers request.) $40

Sandstorm (complete, plastic toes, legs are loose and slides down a little) $40

Ultra Magnus and trailer (rubber tires trailer) $25

First Aid (plastic) $8
Drag Strip $8 (x2)
Swindle $8 (x2)
Wildrider (comes with cannon) $15
Hook (legs NOT broken, crane missing hook, Chrome wear and loose) $10

Galvatron (Electronics work. loose limbs) $20

Kup $15
Blitzwing $20SOLD!
Joyride $15

Huffer with Tech Specs and Instructions $15

Quake $10

Needlenose 2 (body only, right leg is crummy, some discoloring) $5

Headstrong $5 (plastic version, has sticker wear. rub sign is done.)
Pretender Bumble Bee $10

Crosshairs Pinpointer (broken peg) $10SOLD!
Icepick inner body $10SOLD!
Quake Heater (broken hinge/no barrel) $5SOLD!
Overbite gun $10
Tentakil right gun $5
Motormaster gun $5
Motormaster right fist $5
Roadbuster Small Right Wheel Cover $5
Slag Missile(Heavy Chrome wear) $2
RID Crosswise Gun $1

Sinnertwin Tech spec $2
Mindwipe Tech spec $3 SOLD!
Dirge Tech Spec $2
First Aid Tech Spec $2
Huffer Tech Spec $2
Gears Tech Spec $2
Prowl Tech Spec $2
Jazz Tech Spec $2
Sideswipe Tech Spec $2
Mirage Tech Spec (with red decoder taped to front) $2
Bluestreak Tech Spec $2
Omega Supreme Tech Spec $5 SOLD!
Jetfire Tech Spec $5

Sludge Tech spec $2
Snarl Tech spec $2
Ratchet Tech spec $2
Optimus Prime Tech spec $2
Jazz Tech spec $2
Re Alert Tech spec $2
Hound Tech spec $2
Grapple Tech spec $2
Ramhorn Tech spec $2
Omega Supreme  Tech spec $4
Metroplex Tech spec $4
Hubcap Tech spec $2
Warpath Tech spec $2
Huffer Tech spec $2
Sky Lynx Tech spec $3
Sky Lynx with points Tech spec $3
Fizzle Tech spec $2

Starscream Tech spec $2
Megatron Tech spec $2
Shockwave Tech spec $2
Kickback Tech spec $2
Shrapnel Tech spec $2
Ransack Tech spec $2
ChopShop Tech spec $2
Doubledealer  Tech spec $4
Buzzsaw Tech spec $2
Rumble Tech spec $2
Overkill Tech spec $2
Squaktalk/Beastbox Tech spec $4
Snaptrap Tech spec $2
Razorclaw Tech spec $2
Divebomb Tech spec $2
Predaking Tech spec $2
Scavenger Tech spec $2
Scrapper Tech spec $2
Swindle Tech spec $2
Blast Off Tech spec $2
Brawl Tech spec $2
Brreakdown Tech spec $2
Onslaught Tech spec $2

Motormaster Instruction Booklet (heavy wear and pages torn. nothing missing) $3
Sureshot Instruction Booklet (Multilingual/French Canadian) $5
Crosshairs Instruction Booklet (Multilingual/French Canadian) $5
Starscream Tech Spec $3 SOLD!
Ironhide Tech Spec $3
Rampage Tech Spec $3
Razorclaw Tech Spec $3
Apeface International Tech Spec $5 (not pictured)

Blurr tech spec $3
Wildrider instructions/tech specs $2

Mixmaster Tech Spec and Instructions $5
Hook Tech Spec and Instructions $5
Long Haul Tech Spec and Instructions $5

Micromasters Construction Patrol Tech Spec and Instructions $5
Groove Foreign backer card $5 SOLD!

Fizzle backer card $4
Crankstart backer card $4

Lightspeed backer card $5
Fireflight backer card $4
Eject and Ramhorn backer card $5

Micromasters Off Road patrol x3 $4 each
Micromasters Race Car Patrol $4

Red Bumblebee card backer x2 $5 each

Mindwipe/Amnesiak box (very rough shape, missing plastic window) $10

G2, Machine Wars Figures and Techs

Laser Rod Optimus Prime $40 (1 missile, Electronics work)

Eagle Eye (no Gun, with instructions) $13
Terradive (no Gun, with instructions) $13
Afterbuner (complete) $15

Space Case (Complete w tech specs(Previous owner painted bottom of feet)) $10
Strafe (Complete w tech specs) $12

Rapido (Complete with tech specs) $17

Seaspray $10

Inferno (arms loose with 1 fist) $10
Rapido (scratch over "Autobot" on windshield $5
Leadfoot (no feet, w launcher) $8
Leadfoot disk launcher $3
Leadfoot front spolier $2

Combat Hero Megatron (no parts) $10 on hold
Mixmaster (complete. Chrome wear on missile. Upper body leans/bent forward a little) $15
Green Slag (no parts. Right side of leg missing cap) $15 SOLD!
Ramjet (body and a handful of parts) $10 SOLD!
Deluge (junker. clip arm bent so arms don't stay attached.) $3
Leadfoot disk launcher $3 (same as above)
Leadfoot front spolier $2 (same as above)

Dirtbag (no missiles/gimmick works) $5
Sandstorm (missing rotor blades) $10

Sideswipe missile $2

Terradive Instruction manual $5
Windrazor Tech Spec $2
Windrazor Instruction manual $5
Jetfire Tech Spec $2
Air Raid Tech Spec $2
Rapido Tech Spec $2
Skram Instruction manual $5
Turbofire Tech Spec $2
Turbofire Instruction manual $5
Windbreaker Tech Spec $2

Beast Wars

K-9 (Complete) $15

TM Scavenger (Complete with box) $15

Drill Bit complete with Backer Card(no art on front) $10

Retrax (missing piece that covers face in beast mode) $5
TM Airazor (complete) $10
Fox Kids TM Airazor (complete) $10
Fox Kids TM Rattrap (complete) $10

K-9 body only $5
Airhammer (missing foot) $5
Blackarachnia (w/ missile launcher. rope not cut. no missiles. missing an arm) $10
Torca body only (tail broken and included) $3

Optimus Primal (Bat, missing 1 sword) $5

Beast Wars Neo D-32 Dead End (missing shell) $5
Scorponok body(no legs) $5

Razorbeast gun/Mane $8
Tarantulas right arm $3
Fox Kids Rhinox tail/sword $3
Fox Kids TM Rhinox horn/knife $3
Fox Kids TM Cheetor tail $3
Transquito missile $3
Megatron missile $5
Fox Kids TM Waspinator gun $3 on hold
Wolfang missiles x2 $4 each or $7 for both on hold
Tarans/Tarantulas missiles $5 each or $12 for all 3 on hold

Tarantulas Rock Bubble card back $8

Manterror Card Back $5
Wolfang Card Back $6 SOLD

Rampage Instructions $5

10th Anniversary Dinobot Box and Instructions (heavy wear to box) $10

Triceradon (missing 1 missile and front legs are loose) $5
Striker complete (broken peg on beast side panel)  $5
Optimus Primal green Throwing Star $1
Che sled repaint (missing missiles) $3

Wedge complete $8
Heavyload complete $8
RID Crosswise Gun $1

Battle Ravage (missing Energon chip) $5

Various Instruction booklets. $1 each

Various Instruction booklets. $1 each. $3 for Leader Starscream

Everything Else

Robot Masters Star Saber KO MOSC $5
Robot Masters Victory Leo KO MOSC $5

Transformers Corssovers Star Wars Clone Commander Cody (missing radar antennae) $5
Animorphs Visser Three (missing missile) $5

Assorted Instructions. $1 each


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