Prime Deluxe Wave 4 & 5: Kup and Rumble

Started by BlackMagnus, May 06, 2012, 06:39:40 PM

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Easy pass on both of these for me.
Kup isn't Kuppy enough for me.
Rumble, is nice, but kibbly in robot mode.
Its not endearing me to their designs.
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My greed is limitless.


I'll pass on Kup and wait for the Ironhide repaint. As for Rumble, I hate his car kibble shoulders but I'll probably end up getting him.
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I don't mind the shoulder kibble...I mean, I'd prefer it if it could fold back or something, but as-is, it looks like he could use the car bits for shoulder plates/shields.

Dumba$$ that used to buy everything...not so much anymore.


i will also wait for Ironhide the real mold for him..

but.. worry if Hasbro will later suddenly announce they will not release him.. u know, they always did.. >:(

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