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When in the details of an item in collection, there is a green calendar button to the right of the Date Bought field:

My browser (Firefox) sees it as being an interactive element, meaning the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand. But clicking on it does nothing. Is it supposed to do something? If I click into the text field, the calendar appears there, but clicking on the image itself doesn't do anything.
All the items on the tree-view list on the left side, while viewing my profile are set to this URL:

Code Select

Code Select
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0
Yes it looks much better now.  :)
I noticed I was not getting emails when I receive a PM since the forum was updated. I go into my notification settings and see that sending an email when you get a PM was not enabled. If that is a default setting, then it would be opposite what the default on the last version was.
My forum profile appears normally (I didn't do anything) but I see a generic man shape next to my name in the drop down up top.

Some thoughts regarding the forum:
- When looking at your own post, you can see your IP address. When looking at other's posts, you see "Logged" under their location. When you click it goes here:;help=see_member_ip . That seems an unnecessary thing to have there.
- The div under the post message, but above the signature (class under_message) seems to be larger than it should be. It has 12px padding which might be the reason.
Searching for Label Sheet in Generations only shows Whirl and Metroplex but not Roadbuster.

Search example, 1-4, Whirl, 3x Metroplex
Generations Roadbuster record:
He comes with a flat, kre-o branded stand.

Sorry for the delay (been busy). Will check when I get home if still needed.
General Transformers Discussion / Re: sealed vs opened
January 04, 2016, 09:14:00 AM
For carded items, I consider an item that is complete and loose, with card to be "opened" even if the bubble is missing. For items I purchase myself, I keep the cardboard insert... but if I buy the things separately, I can consider it "opened" without that insert.

Of course, the database is how you use it. Some people just use the site as a checklist and may add an item to their collection without clicking every box. Or some can be out of date (like mine) as I have opened quite a few of the items in my collection in recent months and not updated my collection to reflect that.
Scan of the packaging back

Scan of Protectobot Groove's instruction outside
I will take some pics of this package because I can't find any online.
Kre-o Microchangers Collection 2

Differences with checklist on the package.
Protectobot Groove, not Autobot Groove. Also has Protectobot prefix on the instruction sheet.
Autobot Powerglide, not Powerglide

Also the entry for Protectobot Groove (which I got today) says that last 2 digits of the number stamped on back are 77, yet the one I got today is different. This one has 52431 stamped on the back.

For anyone who has these blindpacks still, can you confirm whether the back of the packaging has the same names that are in the database?

For those keeping score at home, I got the 1 blind pack at Family Dollar.
OK Sorry I had it backwards. I was presuming that there were non-CW versions of those two.
So should I add the Cliffjumper and Skywarp I have or are they already in the database?
Help Us Build the Database / Re: "Buy it now" Feature
November 29, 2015, 10:33:47 AM
Amazon also offers this type of thing in their affiliate program, or at least they did. It was something I saw a lot of Japanese websites take advantage of and something I toyed around with. I never made any money from it tho.