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When in the details of an item in collection, there is a green calendar button to the right of the Date Bought field:

My browser (Firefox) sees it as being an interactive element, meaning the cursor changes from an arrow to a hand. But clicking on it does nothing. Is it supposed to do something? If I click into the text field, the calendar appears there, but clicking on the image itself doesn't do anything.
All the items on the tree-view list on the left side, while viewing my profile are set to this URL:

Code Select

Code Select
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:50.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/50.0
I noticed I was not getting emails when I receive a PM since the forum was updated. I go into my notification settings and see that sending an email when you get a PM was not enabled. If that is a default setting, then it would be opposite what the default on the last version was.
Searching for Label Sheet in Generations only shows Whirl and Metroplex but not Roadbuster.

Search example, 1-4, Whirl, 3x Metroplex
Generations Roadbuster record:
Kre-o Microchangers Collection 2

Differences with checklist on the package.
Protectobot Groove, not Autobot Groove. Also has Protectobot prefix on the instruction sheet.
Autobot Powerglide, not Powerglide

Also the entry for Protectobot Groove (which I got today) says that last 2 digits of the number stamped on back are 77, yet the one I got today is different. This one has 52431 stamped on the back.

For anyone who has these blindpacks still, can you confirm whether the back of the packaging has the same names that are in the database?

For those keeping score at home, I got the 1 blind pack at Family Dollar.
When looking up TFs to add to my collection, recently I just sort by the assortment number. Today I bought 2 Legion class figures at Dollar General because they are having a Buy 1 Get 1 75% off sale. The two I got are:

Cliffjumper B2586/A7725
Skywarp B2585/A7725

At first I thought the Skywarp was this one:

But when I look at all 10 releases of A7725, there are 2 that are called "CW packaging" which is Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. CW, is this to mean the artwork taking up most of the card from the left, and the right is the black strip with the red Transformers logo? If so then that is what these two are. The other ones at the store in this type packaging were Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Grimlock.

Anyways, I had to ask because there are not pictures of either packaging type under A7725.
Ok this is a worst case scenario and likely a user error but OTOH it seems silly the site lets you do it.

Take this Wings of Honor Villians set. It came out May 28, 2009:

However, user lightsyder has it in his collection saying he bought it June 01, 1940!
I found it on his Flash signature on the Fun Facts tab, as can be seen here:

It also shows up with that date on his profile but it is a WAYS down...
I was just looking here: (sort date added to db newest first)

A bunch of items are upcoming and are displayed like so:
"Is an upcoming release in Europe, is an upcoming release in Australia and New Zealand, is an upcoming release in Australia and New Zealandis an upcoming release in Australia and New Zealand, and is an upcoming release in South Africa"
"Is an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexico, is an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexicois an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexico, and is an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexicois an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexicois an upcoming release in United States, Canada and Mexico"
"Released in Dec 2015 in United States, Canada and Mexico, in Dec 2015 in United States, Canada and Mexico, and in Dec 2015 in United States, Canada and Mexico "

The submission accepted emails I got for when I attached the gold weapons to Rumble say "Delete" in them:

I checked the part and figure records and everything seems fine. I do not know what was being deleted or if it is just a bug.
I was going about adding my new items and ran across something.

This Ravage/Rumble:

Rumble doesn't have his guns as accessories. The appropriate accessories already exist and are in the Ratbat/Frenzy record:

Unless they are actually different molds...

How can I add these guns to the Rumble record? Do I have to recreate both weapons or is there another way?
I tried searching for something in my inventory from my phone today and found it didn't work. I can type something in the search box (on the profile, not the one in the menu bar) but pressing enter doesn't do anything.

Also, while I can expand out the categories on the left side, clicking on one of the sections doesn't do anything.

Here is the user agent as reported with

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.0.1; SAMSUNG SCH-I545 4G Build/LRX22C) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/2.1 Chrome/34.0.1847.76 Mobile Safari/537.36
Today when I search for something, it is not remembering if I choose brief and then search again.

I can search for Meister:

Which I have zero of. The dispay option is set to Details. I choose to click brief and the URL changes:

Now I want to search for Jazz. The search returns to Details and I have to choose Brief again.
It appears that if the Profile view is set for Brief, it will not automatically switch to Details unless something is available in cache. In other words, it appears that the transition between modes is entirely client side. For example:

At first, switching to Details did not do anything to the view other than bold the Details word and change the URL. (v=details)

It wasn't until I took that URL:

And posted it in a new tab, that I saw the expected Details view showing the pictures of the loose toys and the items in parts checklist. Back on the original tab, I was then able to switch properly between Brief and Details view. However, one difference is that the formatting does not change properly when going back to Brief but that isn't a big deal to me.
I found a problem trying to go to other places from the profile and not being able to get where I expect to be going.

Starting here, looking at Kickback on my profile:

In this view, I can see the categories for the first entry as such:
Transformers > Generation 1 > Insecticons > Basic

If I hover over "Basic" the target says this:

Which is where I'd expect to go if I click on that. Instead, I end up here:

As a workaround, I can go directly into the Kickback entry and then click Basic and see the rest of the items in that category.
When I do a search for an item, it would be neato to have a "Sort by" option in the drop-down to either only show items already added to the collection, or show items in collection first. Would need to be for logged-in users only. Example URL:
Looking at my new profile page, I notice that I have 45 toys from Australia!

This is news to me, I should only have 4 (to my knowledge) which are these:
As those fast food toys (Specifically the 3 other gang molded ones, as 1 of them did have a US release for McDonalds) were Australian exclusives.

So, the reason why I have 41 other things from Australia is because I have US toys in my collection that apparently had an Australian release prior to their US release. Certainly, they are not Australian toys, they are US toys... Or it could just be because of the alphabetical sort for release date.

Here is the G1 Prowl which only has a release year:

Here is the Generations Frenzy/Ratbat which shows Aus had an earlier release date:

I suspect it has more to do with how the countries are arranged (alphabetically) rather than the release date...
I was looking at my collection today. When I look at just UK stuff I see I have this loose Rotorstorm:

But on the item entry, it only has the box pics and the launchers and no figure picture

The Rotorstorm figure part entry has the vehicle mode pic that shows up in my collection listing
I was thinking to add this:

But what to name it? TFWiki has their article title as "Defeat Trypticon Strategy Game"

I know we wouldn't use the Japanese name ダイナザウラー撃破作戦ゲーム

What about the romanized name? It is Dinosaurer Gekiha Sakusen Game.

Unless, this is already in the database.... I didn't see any Generation 1 merchandise listed for Japan. I searched for Dinosaurer but only got Dinobot results.

Boardgamegeek simply calls it Transformers Scramble City:
Now I thought we weren't putting Minispies in yet (or at least not like this)

I noticed because the 4WD Type Minispy is in my collection, but I don't own it. Shmax has said before that if a part is added after you add an item to your collection, that part is automatically added to your collection as well. However I do have a Minispy allocated for that entry (in my comments I have blue FX-7 Decepticon) to note I have a minispy (they came together, can't confirm they were originally sold together because I didn't get a cardback)
When searching for an accessory, say "black pistol" and looking only at the accessory tab, sorting by main photo date is kinda useless. There is no option to say "show me just results that have a picture" if I am trying to compare some unknown accessory to what there might be a picture of. Here is an example link:

EDIT ^----- what's up with that, it says invalid toyline ID??? Quote to see the URL (OK This might be a bug report now)

Since a main photo may exist and no accessory photos, or an accessory photo could exist where no main photo exists, there is no good sort option. In addition, even choosing to sort by main photo makes items with no photo show up in the list.

Not a bug, maybe a feature request. Definately need an easier way to search for accessories so that we can use Shmax for everything and not have to bother with "other websites"  :-X