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Great,Thanks for your help! I have added the four!
Photos of Bumblebee cardback ;
Those are the toys (Bumblebee,Swerve,Outback and Tailgate) but the cardback is different (layout,languages,etc)
Cotton On Australia (Clothing Company) are stocking 4 reissue G1 Autobot Minicars (Bumblebee/Swerve/Outback/Tailgate) 
I am wanting to know which Transformers Toyline category to add these to or to make a new one.
Take a look in the "DC Comics" section. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Awesome! Thank you!

 Just putting forward a suggestion to add the Kenner Super Powers toy line to the database.

 The Catagories for the line from the 3 waves produced (US/CANADA) could include;

-Exclusives (mail away etc)
-Playsets (including Collector Case?)
-Other (Misc. and Merchandise)

 Toys for this line (Some Exclusive not in US line) where also produced by;

- Estrela (Brazil) Super Powers
- Pacipa (Argentina) Super Amigos
- General Mills Juguetes GMJ (South America) Super Poderes
- Gulliver (Columbia) Super Powers
- Play Ful (South America) Super Amigos
- Lili Ledy (Mexico) Super Poderes

I think we got it! We had to jiggle a few cables and replace some code, but things should be back to normal. To be clear, the submission review emails should be back to normal, but I'm not sure about the forum post notifications. I guess we'll see...
Thank you for your help with the emails for submission reviews,i can confirm i am now receiving them once again!
Still working on the email problem. Sigh.
Must be major work to fix it!?! As i said i can go without it,i was really just checking you are aware of it not sending out emails.
I'm now showing the currency name instead of the symbol (so "AUD" instead of "$") for the price paid to reduce confusion, and I'm also showing the "value" information in the same string in the currency used to buy it, if available. Let me know how that feels and we can go from there.
That seems fine,Thank you.
not sure what to do here as changing it may fix some problems and create others.I just enter it in AUD as it is easier than doing a currency conversion to USD for each item,but if USD is the standard for the site maybe i should enter all ammounts in USD?
I wouldn't go so far as to say USD is the standard for the site--I've done an enormous amount of work to support all the world's currencies, so it's really just a matter of deciding what the best user experience is. Mull it over a bit. In the meantime, Engledogg or some of the other folks might have some ideas.
I was assuming the USD was the standard which is not the case! I imagine that adding all the currencies was a lot of work and thank you for your time and effort spent on it!
I can leave it as is and am also interested in other folks ideas!
On to the AUD /USD thing (thanks for clarifying it, Ed). What would you like me to do? Should I:

* show the current value in the same currency as you paid for it
* add a "Preferred currency" to the preferences, and use it wherever possible in the UI?
* nothing
not sure what to do here as changing it may fix some problems and create others.I just enter it in AUD as it is easier than doing a currency conversion to USD for each item,but if USD is the standard for the site maybe i should enter all ammounts in USD?
I've checked in a fix for the collection count / "Condition Counts" stuff. Please verify it looks the way you expect, Tjparkside.
Yes,that is much better thank you.The counts in the various sections i have mentioned all match up now!
For the Log out issue,on a PC i haven't experienced what engledogg is having happen - log out while going from profile to forum etc.. but may have had that happen once or twice,months ago (May or earlier) on an iPad2 with chrome browser.
My issue has only been when i log out,mainly from my profile but also from the browse items page.It has not happened in the last few days at all so far.

 For the undervalued items in my collection,the example engledogg gives is exactly what i mean (MOTU Man-E-Faces example and now the other MOTU examples) ,which does look to be AUD to USD value converted which did not previously exist (eg.when i looked a year ago) did it previously just read the amount entered but now factors in currency/currency conversion to USD? Almost every item in my collection is similar in Price paid is greater than current value
.An example i can remember is my G1 pre-rubsign Prowl mib which cost $103.50,last i checked he was worth roughly $120 and now valued at $82.06
 Thank you for looking into some of the problems i have been experiencing and helping provide some explanations,i appreciate it!

Good luck with sorting the emails,i have gotten used to being on the site regularly enough to get by without them if they are broken!

The logout/session verification issue i will keep an eye on and if it continues will try gather the info you need (url/circumstances..etc) Having said that, in the past it was happening every time,but lately (last 3-4 weeks?) more closer to half the time,if that!?! I usually just refresh the page or click on the logout (orange/white button) that appears to log out of the site.Most times the error occurs i logout from on my profile page with the drop down top right menu (if that is any help?)

I understand what you mean about the doubles with different values.

With the values of my collection the main thing was that last time i checked the values (which could be up to a year ago??) my collection contained items worth a mix of the same or less or much more than the price i paid but now seems to all be below price paid value.
Does the currency my collection data is listed in affect comparison to other collector's items data? (eg;main used is on site is US$ i use AUS$)

I agree for the mismatched numbers,would doubles of items have any affect on what is in one count but not another? Also could the factions items are also broken down into cause this?

The Tree node you mention (Cyberverse) should fall under Dark Of The Moon,but may fall under Transformers - Directly because the line also ran during Transformers Prime,Transformers Beast Hunters,Transformers Predacons Rising and had Universal Studios exclusives.Is that why it is it's own tree node?
I seem to be experiencing some problems/bugs with my profile on shmax as follows;

- Not receiving email notifications for when i have a product submission approved,news or new private message.I am sure my account is set to send me these notifications?

-"session verification error" message when i try to log out.I am using Chrome browser which is up to date.This has happened for at least a year.

-Collection totals not matching when viewed in different sections eg;
  Total collection 1918 on profile and 2105 in statistics (sealed 448/opened 990/loose 667)

  Transformers collection count 1098 on profile and 1188 in statistics (sealed 75/opened 792/loose 321)

  Star Wars 709 on profile and 722 in statistics (sealed 349/opened 111/loose 262) and 552 in Star Wars Top Collectors.

- Almost all items in my collection details are valued less than the price paid at either retail or secondary market.It appears the total value of my collection hasn't changed in 2 years

-Identical figures (doubles) in my collection are in same condition and have different values eg. Opened X9 Jaguar #1 is worth $125.28 and #2 is worth $97.49

I am sure that there are simple explanations for some of this,i have been meaning to ask for quite some time now.
Any help would be great!
Thank you,Tjparkside.